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Comedy as old and flaccid, yet still as funny as Grandma's arm-flaps

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11/7/06 01:28 pm

Does anyone want a free dog? Krista emailed me earlier about a golden retriever/yellow lab (not sure of the breed) that NEEDS a home ASAP. I know it's a long shot but I thought I'd try!

10/6/06 07:09 pm

Today we gave our iguana his first real bath. He has a huge bowl of water in his enclosure that he could fit his whole body in if he wanted to but he usually just uses it to poop in, lol. Today my dad had to clean out his cage so we put him in a bathtub with some warm water. He went NUTS. I got whipped so many times (and he hasn't whipped anyone in like 6 months). He started getting used to it after awhile and seemed to like when I poured the water on his back. It was an adventure to say the least.

Tomorrow I'm going to Amanda's baby shower/welcoming party for Jordan. I have no idea what to get her! I already got her a bassinette, baby book, and a couple of outfits. But that was before she knew whether or not she was gonna have a baby shower so now I feel like I need to come with something. I know the baby has MORE than enough clothes and has all the essentials. I asked my nursing friend (who had a baby a few months ago) what her favorite gift from her baby shower was. She said the most useful thing was a baby sling (one of those slings to carry the baby in). It had a lavendar pouch in it that put the baby right to sleep and she said she LOVED it. I think I might get her one of those. Think that's a good idea? I'll go shopping tomorrow and see what I can come up with.

*sigh* I have so much going on right now, I can't even keep it all straight.

7/2/06 01:21 pm

Man, I just made the best omelette ever.

They're called Zip-loc Omelettes and they rock (I found the recipe online). You just take a Zip-Loc freezer bag (has to be the freezer kind), dump in some eggs, cheese, whatever you like in your omelette and shake it all up. Put it in a big pot full of boiling (has to be boiling rapidly) water for about 10-15 minutes and voila! It turns out better than any normal omelettes I can make (plus you don't have to clean anything). It comes out of the bag perfectly and looks really cool. It's good for when you've got lots of people over because they can write their name on a bag and put in whatever they want and you can cook all the bags together in the pot. Good stuff :)

Just thought I'd share because it turned out way better than I expected, lol.

6/18/06 04:01 pm

So I went to Melissa and Sarah's party yesterday :) I had fun seeing people and just hanging out. I got some sunlight, lol. I wish more people I know were there (it was kinda awkward because I didn't really know any people there besides Melissa, Sarah, and Chantal). Oh well, it was cool :) I ate sooooo much food. It was insane.

But yeah, here's some pics :)

AlohaCollapse )

That's all :)

6/15/06 01:51 pm

Clerks II - July 21, 2006

Someone better go see this with me, lol.

5/29/06 04:25 pm

So I got my haircut :) I'm actually really happy with it. It's very airy and feels really nice. So without further ado, here's some pics. I swear it looks better in real life...really, lol.

Hurrcut!Collapse )

5/26/06 06:27 pm

So I'm getting a haircut on Monday and I have NO idea what I want. The main point is to get rid of all the split ends and damaged bits but I don't mind losing some length and getting an actual nice haircut, lol. It's been like four years since I even had a trim.

What do you guys think would look good on me? I was just planning on letting the hairdresser do what she thinks would look nice (with limits of course, lol) but my mom said that's a bad idea. I just want nice hair, I really don't care though, haha.

So yeah, if you guys have any suggestions, I'd love it!

5/24/06 11:01 pm

American Idol spoilers ahead!

Woooo!Collapse )

5/3/06 01:20 pm

Hahaha, go watch this video. It's awesome.


It's "talking" cats. I love the last cat...I wish my cats could talk :(

4/20/06 02:06 pm - Soul patrol

I think I may have become addicted to American Idol. Haha, I don't even know how it happened. I've never watched a single season up to this point (I usually just watch the auditions) but my parents got into it this season and now I'm pretty much addicted. I found that out last night when we lost power for over TEN HOURS and I was just pissed off that I was gonna miss American Idol, lol. I love me some Taylor Hicks, haha. Who do you guys want to win? Tell me I'm not the only one who watches it, lol.

I didn't really have anything to say, I just don't feel like studying for my exam tomorrow. :)
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